Alexandra Gravas





Cavafy's poetry has inspired many other poets and composers alike. However, bringing his poetry and the music set to it or derived from it in a framework that fulfills high artistic and intellectual demands is a great challenge. This is exactly what is accomplished by the Lecture-Concert presented by the Cavafy expert, Dr. Lambropoulos, the accomplished pianist Dr. Polychronidis and the exquisite mezzo-soprano Alexandra Gravas.The audience experiences a challenging and uplifting combination of literary, historical and musical analysis and a strong emotive engagement in the music that opens routes to a deeper understanding of the personal and cosmopolitan interaction between music and poetry.Lambropoulos' trans-disciplinary approach, Polychronidis powerful piano strokes and Gravas' haunting voice that seems to emerge from the Earth itself merge into a unique and carefully elaborated mosaic. This event is also a manifestation of the continuing creativity of Greek artists and intellectuals in the diaspora of whom Cavafy was a prime example. This is a really must-attend performance.

 Athan Petridis PhD, Des Moines/Iowa 18/04/2012



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