Alexandra Gravas

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My new CD -on the wings of love-


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L.Maxairitsas featuring A.Gravas

Μην τον ρωτάς τον ουρανό /Don't ask the SkyMegaron Park Festival,Athens 06.07.2013


tomos award cd

Blind TearsStephanidisFront CoverBlind Tears  -  Stephanidis


Alexandra sings Mikis Theodorakis




“Indeed she is one of those who carry the message of life!”



“Aleka, your voice emerges from the depths of the Earth and ascends to the clouds taking the feelings of the audience with it.”


“The mezzo-soprano voice has a tremendous advantage: it never makes the listener feel overwhelmed and tired like a soprano while maintaining the melodic elegance of the woman's voice. Yours is just incredible!”



“Extraordinary! Sygklonistiko! One of the best songs of contemporary Greek repertoire interpreted by one of the most expressive, earth-bound voices.”



“I hope I can be permitted another comment: this interpretation has the technical perfection of Callas and the emotional intensity of Mercouri “