Alexandra Gravas

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My new CD -on the wings of love-


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L.Maxairitsas featuring A.Gravas

Μην τον ρωτάς τον ουρανό /Don't ask the SkyMegaron Park Festival,Athens 06.07.2013


tomos award cd

Blind TearsStephanidisFront CoverBlind Tears  -  Stephanidis


Alexandra sings Mikis Theodorakis





"First, I greatly enjoyed the organization of the program: it progressed from more demanding pieces for the audience (like the Mitropoulos) to more "melodious" ones like the Plessas and Theodorakis ones. I also greatly enjoyed the final improvisational piece, and placing it last means the program rises at a pinnacle and ends there. A very nice relationship with the audience evolves during the concert, who gradually warm up to the different renditions of Cavafy, and the performances side by side of the same poem set to music by different composers are another highlight. Finally, your presence on stage is truly "epivilitki" ('imposing' doesn't quite mean the same I feel) and everything, from your posture, your walk and the way you used the space and at on the couch to your face and facial expressions and audible sighs between pieces works to create an impression of a full human being behind the voice, a three-dimensional artistic personality."


Marina Terkourafi